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Lee Reese, Bill Friedman, and Jo Ann Rasimowicz


Val Lyons

William Friedman – lived in Washington. He was a World War II Veteran as a B-17 gunner.

Joe W. Killen – 1954-57, 58-61, lived in Potomac Heights World War II Veteran, Korean War Veteran, and a Vietnam Veteran.

Arlo Adams -lived in Indian Head.


Jack Mann – lived in Accokeek.

Joe Posey -Lived in Indian Head,

Bob McCallum – lived on Cypress Street Potomac Heights.

Arlo Adams- lived in Indian Head.

Rupert Barefoot – lived in Bryans Road World War II Veteran, airborne.

Ronnie Cornett – lived in Potomac Heights.

Bob Killen- lived in Potomac Heights.

Ticket Sellers:

Lizzy Wright – Lived in Marshall Hall and did other jobs as well.

Shirley Shelton – 1955-56, lived in Indian Head.

Margaret Groenwoldt – 1955-56, lived in Potomac Heights.

Mary Janet Willett –1955-57, lived in Indian Head.

Marsha Hoyle – 1956-58, lived in Indian Head.

Concessioners: Made popcorn, poured fountain drinks and sold candy.

Donna Willett – 1956-58, lived in Indian Head.

Mary Janet Willett –1956-57, lived in Indian Head.

Jo Rasimowicz – lived in Potomac Heights.

Lee Rees – lived in Bryans Road.

Helen Cotrufo – lived in Indian Head.

Ushers: Took tickets, cleaned the lobby, carried 100 lb bags of popcorn from behind the curtain to the concession stand, and let their friends in free without getting caught.

Jerry Haynie – lived in Indian Head.

Doc Blanchard – 1954-56, lived in Fenwick.

Bill Killen – 1955-58 lived in Potomac Heights.

Gary Hoyle – 1957-59

Vendors: Ed Gilliam provided vending machines in the lunchrooms at the Naval base, and other venues in western Charles County, including a coffee machine in the Gly mont Theatre concession stand.

Ed Gilliam – lived in Indian Head.


Billboards and Signs: Placed Gly mont Theatre cardboard signs featuring various business establishments and telephone poles throughout the western portion of Charles County. Changed the billboard signs weekly, 3-foot by 3-foot paper sections glued over the previous poster with paste.

Joe Killen

Bill Killen -–.


Jess Raby – lived in Glymont.

Byrd J. Raby – lived in Glymont.

Arlo Adams – lived in Indian Head.

Sherby Wright – lived in Bryans Road.

Bill Killen –lived in Potomac Heights.

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