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Recreation Hall

Several key dates should be noted when referencing Glymont.

  1. Glymont existed in 1654
  2. Charles Roman Catholic Church old Indian Head Road in the town of Glymont 1800 -1913
  3. Glymont School 4270 Hawthorne Road in the town of Glymont 1922
  4. Glymont Court case (1736) involving Charles Pye and Indians who received rights to settle on a Reserve set aside for them, but Charles Pye had owned the land before the Indian Reserve. Charles Pye had legal ownership and prevailed in this case. (Maryland Archives, Volume 28, Page 96)

One through three above is listed in Charles County, Maryland Inventory of Historical sites.

One through three above is listed in Charles County, Maryland Inventory of Historical sites.

Several land tracts were sold and resold to other settlers in Charles County. Poorly kept records and missing records make it difficult to pin down a specific date unless recorded. I believe that what I’m providing to the readers is accurate based on the documents I have in my possession and the many newspaper clippings referencing Glymont.

I’ve spent several thousand dollars on old books and papers to support my research. One book I found interesting is the Medical Annals of Maryland, written by Eugene Fauntleroy Cordell, MD. The book, published in 1903 in preparation for the Centennial of the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty.

The Medical Board commissioned Dr. Eugene Fauntleroy Cordell to take all of the records in a degraded state and compile them into one volume. Cordell Completed the 889-page book published in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Cordell was noted for his meticulous work in the medical field.

On page 585 of Dr. Cordell’s publication, one Henry Stonestreet’s Medical application reads, “Stonestreet, Henry. 1811. Born near Glymont, Charles County, Maryland, on the Potomac River, September 18, 1776: son of Nicholas Stonestreet, and brother of Col. Nicholas Stonestreet, Attorney at Law. Said to have “graduated from the Medical College of Philadelphia, in the time of Rush.” (Name not cataloged): probably M.D., College of Medicine of Maryland, 1811 practiced first in Prince Georges County, Md.; later in Charles County (Bryantown), Md.; married Elizabeth Boarman. Died in middle life. In the list of 1848 marked dead.”


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