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The author desires to acknowledge the many individuals for their cooperation and assistance. The contacts they were able to provide me with gave me a better understanding of the area of Glymont before the author was born. Before listing individuals who contributed, I would like to thank, personally, Bill Killen, Byrd Raby, and Vila Raby Zverina for their assistance with the layout of Route 210 before its construction and their vast knowledge of Indian Head and Potomac Heights and the Glymont Theater.

There have been many others who have made contributions that need to be recognized. The following list may not be complete, and if I have left someone out, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at once.

Mike Adams
Susie Adams
Richard Ashby
Elmer Biles
John Bloom
Mary Boswell
Jean Alice Bramell
Dee Cornett Miller-Bundick
Arthur J. Diggs
Pam J. Gates
Patty Hale
Linda Hilwig
Joe R. Killen
Sam Killen
Dee Sammons Langley
Francis Xavier Knott
Sally V. Parker
Kathryn Louise Peavy

Paula Posey
John Reese
Connie Sanders
Ronald Scott
Larry Sebastian
Eddie Selby
August Selkmann
Retha Simmons
Robert Allan Stevens

Brenda Vaccarelli
Karen Lindquist-Williams
Francine Wright